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IP authenticated users are not tracked in Adobe Analytics


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Hi. We currently have an a client whose user access either via user/password or IP authentication.  In the case of IP authentication, each user that comes in via an approved IP address gets logged into our Drupal site with a the same “IP-only User”.  That traffic is not being captured fully in Adobe Analytics.  The non-IP authenticated traffic is being captured. We cannot get their HAR file.  Our suspicions are they might be blocking AA-related cookies or have restrictions on their browsers.  Does anyone have any other ideas on what might be happening that we can look into further?


Thank You.

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That one is tricky... without seeing the issue in action, or being able to dig into all your interconnected systems it's very hard for us to help...


I would suggest if you can, temporarily add one of your office IPs, or some dedicated IP that you can test from, and actually go through the site with the "IP Authentication" (surely your QA or Dev team must have a way to test that functionality is working), then see if the problem is the authentication method, or something else....