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I want to count page events that occurred immediately after a reload.


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I think its a segment, so i can use 'within 1 hit'.  But if I use a hit container, i get 0.  If I use visit, then 50% of my page views are included.  Unfortunately, my events are not passing a page name, so my events are not associated with a page. If that makes sense. 

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That is tricky... I am also having trouble trying to achieve such a segment.... 


You're right that using "Hit" Level won't work... as this limits the segment to a single hit...


But Visit, opens this up to the entire visit that contained the specified sequence.... trying to use "Only Before" or "Only After" sequence only gets you so far..  as all the page views before or after the sequence will still be included... even trying to make a combination of both of these logics, you have to add bounding items to create the sequence, and those steps get included (they still include the first/last step...i.e. they aren't really before or after they are actually before and including OR after and including)

And, if you try to add an exclude for a page view following the sequence, it will exclude any visits that hit more than one page (which isn't what you want).....


I will continue to play with this.. but there are some things that I just have never managed to achieve with sequential segments.. usually I would just go to our Data Lake team and ask them to do a SQL query (as they have a lot more control), but I know that isn't likely an option here....


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Thanks for your response, I really appreciate it.  I do have a data lake team, but the lack of a page name of every hit is an issue for them as well.  


A technical fix is to just change the implementation, or add some code to prevent reloads and see how it goes. I think that is the route I'll have to pursue. 


Appreciate it.