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How to query exit rate from Adobe Analytics Data Feed?


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How do we query exit rate from Adobe Analytics Data Feed?

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You will have to get the count of exit of the particular dimension and then you will divide by the total visits/ pageview of that dimension and it will give you the exit rate.


To get the the count of exit, the event lookup table you will find ' 12'  and '102'. use these page_event and post_page_event values respectively to get the count of exit.


For e.g. 

Select count(page_event)

From <table name>

Where page_event like '12'


Similarly if it is captured in the post_page_event then use '102' . you can also use it as page_event or post_page_event.


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Keep in mind that Page_Event "12" is an "Exit Link"... which is only recorded when someone clicks on a link in the site that goes to a domain that is not listed as external (and this will only trigger if Exit Link Tracking is enabled).


However, if the "exit rate" definition for @fv394021 is actually based on the "last page of a visit" (i.e. they want to know what the rate of exits are on Page X (including the user closing the browser, or walking away and letting the session expire, etc), then page_event 12 won't help...


This you will have to identify the visitor, and the visit number for each visit, then identify the last page view of the visit (highest visit_page_num, or I suppose you could do it based on timestamps).. Make sure to only look at Page Views (exclude highest visit_page_num that are actions), then you can calculate:


"last page views on Page X"


"all page views on Page X"


This will now not be dependent on people clicking on exit links... 



But this all depends on your definition of "Exit Rate"


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Hey Jennifer,

you are truly champ!!!!


I really missed the normal exit of the site scenarios.


Thanks a lot for this explanation.




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Slight definition differences can make a big difference


You solution works perfectly if you are looking at an exit rate to a specific link to be fair