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How to make change on specific report suite


Level 2

I am new to Adobe Analytics, and now I have a new ticket to do some changes on the preference page, I need to change the company preference enable this and apply it to all AA workspaces, and all my projects have multiple report suites(dev, qa and prod), so I only want to influence the dev suite for some local testing without impacting prod environment when I save the new preference, also I can sync all the changes to qa and prod suites after it is successfully on dev, how can I make it, TIA.

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Level 9

I think you already asked this in a separate question. As I understand it, you want to apply the Company settings to just a specific report suite. Company settings are applied at the org level. So far as I know, you can't restrict them to a single report suite.


Community Advisor

It really depends what settings you are trying to change....


In the earlier post, the picture was of workspace settings which are not specific to a suite...


If you are actually changing suite settings that is something different altogether....