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How to identify occurrences with common value between two dimensions


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My team has eVar dimensions (X & Y for this example) for two cookie ID values, and we recently noticed that dimension Y is presenting as duplicate of dimension X. We want to see how long this has been happening and create an alert to be notified if it continues to happen.


Is there a segmentation method to view the occurrences where dimension Y has the same value as dimension X?


Thank you!


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Unfortunately, this feature doesn't exist.. this is one area that I know is often requested... either for use in Segments or in Calculated Metrics.


The best I can suggest at this time is to create a Report Builder report pulling in the two dimensions, then use Excel formulas such as VLOOKUP / MATCH to identify where X equals Y. Or even doing a Data Warehouse extract, and using Excel to find the issues.


Good luck!


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I agree with Jennifer, this problem could have easily been solved if we can compare dimension values in calculated metrics.

Please download the csv format for both the dimensions (evar x and y) and then in a new column in excel, write a formula to divide evar x/evar y, and for all the values where you get 1, you have required entries.