How to Give View-Only Permission to Workspaces



So, I am trying to create a permission that is View-only.

If I choose Work space under permissions. The user gets Save as, Send, share and several other options by default that I can not seem to turn off.

Also, I want to control what they can see. And if I do not give the user group metrics/dimensions permissions. Even when I curate items for them. They aren't able to view the work space without the not included warning for dimensions & metrics.

It doesn't matter if I curate on the project or curate via the Virtual reporting suite.

Unless I give the metrics/dimensions at the permission level in Admin Console. they get the warning and work-spaces don't always work. And I subsequently get user complaints.

How do you create view-only access? I have a level of users, that should be rely on their teams to "tinker" with the reports but not them.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Currently, Andrey Osadchuk has the best answer that's currently available.

However, this idea is currently being actively discussed to introduce to Workspace: Ability to Share Workspace Project as READ ONLY

I would recommend participating in that idea thread, particularly around the survey towards the bottom of the idea comments!

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Answers (2)



Hi Andrey,

Thanks for your reply but exporting as a PDf doesn't actually solve my problem and I will tell you why...

1 > PDFs aren't paginated, so they are actually pretty hard for most Senior Management to interact with.

2 > A lot of visualizations are "interactive" like the Flow Path or the Geographic Maps and making them a static PDF kills most of the point. Also, makes using the Drop-down segment abilities just added moot as well.

3 > The view-only access would be great if you curate reports and give these users the ability to view different date ranges. Which, again would not be part of a PDF.

In order to have full data democratization which is a requirement of a digital transformation. Multiple levels of permission are required.