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How to create "average week" as a dimension, segment or date range?


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Is it possible to create an "average week" as a dimension, segment or date range? This could be used with a number of metrics in a table. Then an average can be calculated in workspace instead of having to export to excel and calculate a simple mean average value against the "week" dimension.





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To calculate an average you would most likely need to look at creating a custom metric for each of the metrics you are interested in.


Here an example to calculate Avg Daily Unique Visitors (which would then dynamically change based on dimensions/date ranges etc applied on your project).


Screenshot 2021-08-24 143739.png


If you wanted the above to become a Avg Unique Visitors p/week you could just multiply the value returned by 7.


Like this should work.

Screenshot 2021-08-24 144118.png


An note on the above though - where no data is captured for your metric (ie. Unique Visitors in the above example) the day count distinct wont consider that day in calculating the average.


hope this helps.