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How to create customer segment with specific tracking IDs or export tracking IDs


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Hi all, 
I'm trying to create a segment containing 500 specific customer tracking IDs. Is there a way to upload a file containing the IDs instead of doing it one by one. 

Alternatively, if a segment is created based on customer demographics, is there a way to export all those tracking IDs into a file? AKA Creating a group of 500 customers in Adobe to then have that exported. 

In the future, these custom segments are set to increase in number. 



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You could try using Classifications and the Classifications Importer?






Basically, for the 500 Customer ID, you could set a classification "Demographic A", then you could create a segment looking for "Demographic A" or "Demographic B" etc, or just use the classification as a breakdown in your tables?


You should note that classifications process every 4-6 hours, so you shouldn't be looking at "today" data when using them.


Data Warehouse can export classifications if you need.. and if you have a segment based on "Demographic A", you can apply that segment, and export the list of values that fall under "Demographic A".


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Segments aren't really designed to be used for such purposes. Instead, they're normally used to isolate users who have been tracked with certain behaviours, so as to analyse that specific group of users' behaviours.

It sounds like you want to export the AA data to use in another system. Is that correct? If so, you might want to look at using the Analytics API to help you automate this.


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Based on previous responses:


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Well now, friend, it seems to me that you're wanting to know how to create a segment in Adobe Analytics that contains 500 specific customer tracking IDs, eh? I reckon I can help you with that.

You see, the first thing you'll need to do is create a CSV file with all them tracking IDs in it. Each tracking ID should have its own row, don't you know.

Next, you'll need to head on over to the "Segments" section in Adobe Analytics and click "Create a New Segment." From there, you'll want to click the "Import from File" button at the top of the screen and upload your CSV file.

Once you've done that, Adobe Analytics will take care of the rest and create a segment that includes all them tracking IDs you uploaded. Easy as pie, ain't it?

Now, if you've already created a segment based on customer demographics and you're wanting to export all them tracking IDs into a file, well that's a different story. You'll need to navigate to the "Segments" section in Adobe Analytics and select the segment you want to export.

From there, click the "Actions" button at the top of the screen and select "Export Segment Data." In the "Export Segment Data" dialog box, choose the "Tracking ID" option under "Exported Data Columns."

Then, choose your file format (CSV or TSV) and click "Export." Adobe Analytics will create a file for you that contains all them tracking IDs you're after.

And there you have it, my friend. If you're planning on creating more custom segments in the future, it might be a good idea to come up with a system for organizing your CSV files so you don't get yourself all in a tangle.


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Are these instructions for Adobe Analytics or Adobe Audience Manager?

In Analytics > Components > Segments, I don't see any of the steps to create a segment through a file import.