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Need help with Adobe Analytics Implementation on ReactJS platform (s.split function is causing page to crash and show AW SNAP Error)


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Hi All,


We are facing some problems with s.split function. we have been using this since long, however, with web migrating to ReactJS platform with SPA pages, s.split function is creating problems. Whenever we navigate through the flow and try clicking on a different link, the page tries to load and eventually it crashes with "Aw snap" error. Whenever, we remove s.split function from the code the site works fine but then the AA image requests are not sent.


Need your help in identifying a solution to this crucial problem.



Manish Paripagar

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Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of control over Adobe's plugin functions... but if I were experiencing this issue, here would be my steps to try and move forward.


First, identify where s.split is being used... remove only those particular calls for the moment, and remove the plugin (I suspect that when you removed the plugin, since you have analytics still referencing it; that was causing a JS error that prevented the entire beacon from being sent).


Once you can confirm that analytics is sending (but missing certain dimensions); now you will have to go back and fix those... this will likely mean writing your own code to parse the values (if you aren't a coder, you may need to ask your developers for help).


Adobe's plugins are a nice feature to avoid writing code yourself; but it is designed to be very generic as they don't know how the code is going to be used by all their clients.... however; if it's causing issues (like in your case); you can often write more specific, easier to read code into your solutions... 


Good luck!


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It sounds like you're doing something that's recursive, i.e. code that is calling itself. As a result, the infinite loop causes your browser window to crash, resulting in that "Aw snap" message.

Like what @Jennifer_Dungan said, check your implementation where you started using s.split or an AA plugin, then double-check that you're not accidentally doing something recursive. I suspect that because of the SPA site, some previous implementation that assumed a new "physical" page would get loaded is now breaking when "virtual" pages are loaded by the ReactJS framework.


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A possibility is that the s.split function is causing some sort of memory leak or performance issue that is causing the application to crash. You may want to try debugging your code and profiling its performance to see if this is the case.

Alternatively, it's possible that the issue is not related to the s.split function at all, but rather some other aspect of your code or the ReactJS platform.


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1. Do you need this function ? I find that writing my own plugins is safer, also adobe launch can do a lot of things nowadays without relying on plugins

2. Did you check it is latest version of plugin ?