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How the retention model works with segment


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EDIT: I do not have seen the option to include this segment also to the return criteria. This option should solve my question and should be the answer for the first case, i have described


Hello everyone,


I have a maybe tricky question about the Retention Model in Adobe Analytics: I have set the Retention Model so that the monthly retention is displayed based on the visits.For the retention model, I use a hit-segment that only tracks users of selected pages on our website (users who have visited different pages on our so-called content hubs). What I want to understand now: Does the retention model show me the retention of users on the websites that I have stored in the hit-segment? So they have to visit a page which is defined in the hit-segment month per month to get counted in the Retention Model? This would be my understanding.


Or is the logic as follows: The model just looks at the users on which the hit-segment is based and shows the users retention on the entire website and not just the pages, which i defined in the segment. This means - to get counted month per month - that the user has to be a part of the hit segment but to get counted for retention he does not have to go back to one of the pages stored in the segment.


I think the first case is correct? So if we take a look at the first time range Oct 1- Oct 31, where 1829 Users are included and after 1 month 3% are still counted. Are the 3% people, who are still part of my included hit segment - so they have visited a page defined in the hit segment after 1 month? Or is this unnecessary and this model counts just peope, who were part of the defined pages in the hit-segment but come back anywhere on the page?



I hope the question is understandable 



 Thank you very much!


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