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How can I calculate Share Rate through Calculated Metrics


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We have the share option for one of the landing page and I wanted to calculate the share rate. Could you please help me. 

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You can calculate your share rate as -


Share Rate = total click on the share Option button/total pageview of landing page.

Hope this will help.


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This sounds like basic click through rate. Lets say your share rate is determined as follows: clicks to share button / page views on the page where the share rate occurs. 

Identify the variable and value in which you track the share click. Divide that by the Page variable and page name of the page in question. For our implementation, it would look like this:


From the component bar find the variable, open the element list and drag the click value or page name onto the calculated metric canvas.


1. RobertBlakeley_2-1708356141961.png

2. RobertBlakeley_3-1708356225007.png

3. RobertBlakeley_4-1708356302491.png


If you have a different calculation in mind, or your implementation for tracking the share is different, you will need to provide more detail.




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I agree with both @RobertBlakeley  and @Rajeshwari 


A "share rate" from a page (unless you have complications that we are unaware of) would be a simple "Shares" divided by Page Views for the page.


You can use "Occurrences" as shown by Robert, or if you have a dedicated metric, you could use that.


Now, if you have shares available on many pages, then you can't do ALL shares over page views on the specific page... and this might be where you are getting stuck... and this will very much depend on what data you are collecting on your "Share" action.


Let's say you have shares available on Page A, B and C.. and you want a share rate only for A...


You would need to segment out "Shares on Page A" / "Page Views of Page A"


However, actions in Adobe Analytics are tricky... because the default "Page" value is removed from actions, so you can't just look for Shares on "Page A"...


Hopefully you have a custom dimension set up to track a replication Page Name on all pages and actions... Or something else that you can use to limit the shares specifically to "Page A" (Possibly Activity Map, which should trigger on your actions - try "Activity Map Page").



If there are additional considerations, like Share Buttons only show to logged in people, or only show on Desktop Devices, etc, then you would have to build that logic in as well... as "all page views of Page A" would over count the potential "impressions" of your share buttons.