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High % of Visits do not have a value for referrer type


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We are seeing across our various report suites a large delta between total visits and the number of visits that have a referrer type associated with them. Based on the Adobe definition of this dimension I would assume every visit would have a referrer type as the "Typed/Bookmarked" type is intended as a catch all for any visit where adobe does not have any referrer information for it. The deltas we are seeing range from 20% of visits all the way up to 50% of all visits depending on the report suite we are looking at.


Is this common? Is there a particular reason a visit may not have any value here?

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Are you by any chance tracking Mobile App data as well? Mobile Apps do not set Referral Data (not typed/bookmarked, not anything), there is literally no "referral instance" triggered.


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Check you "Internal URL Filters". It should only contain the domains that are internal to your site (with some exceptions such as payment gateways or partner pages).


"Typed//Bookmarked" is not a catch all. It is a label to show when s.referrer value was blank


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Hi gpTRP,


A workaround that I do for these instances is through the external tracking codes, then I custom a segment, and consolidate external tracking codes together especially if there are channels aside from usual sources that you are expecting.