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Group ID Missmatch in Analytics API / shares and User Management API


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I'm using the Analytics API to create projects from templates. Using naming conventions, I'm trying to share the project to the correct user group. To get the group id (as required parameter for the /share endpoint) I'm querying the user management API.


I'm getting the correct group, but providing the id to /componentmetadata/shares gives an


Error EXTERNAL_API_ERROR: Could not find imsPlcId=null, groupId=XXX in globalId=XXXX


Using the swagger api  (/componentmetadata/shares/component/search) to debug things, I'm retrieving group id's that does not match any of the group id's I receive from the user management API. Not sure if this helps, but the Analytics API-Endpoint gives me group id's that seems to have six digits, the User Management API gives me group id's that seems to have eight and more digits. The id's have nothing obvious in common. 


Any hints?


Best Holger


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