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Google Ads Campaigns into Adobe Analytics


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I´m new to Adobe Analytics thus still getting to know the platform. I´ve a basic question, is it possible to get the measures from GAds paid campaigns into Adobe Analytics? The company´s goal is to keep all analytics in Adobe but we will still have to run campaigns on Google. To avoid having to check both platforms and also keeping GA on our products, is there a way to import our measures to Adobe?
If so, what´s the requirement. I got the impression that you need to have a specific Adobe subscription for that but the consulting company that did the implementation for us insists that Google Ads vs Adobe Analytics implementation can be done via Launch. 

Any insight on this is much appreciated

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You should refer to the below documentation:




This is the detailed article to integrate the DSP and Adobe Analytics data for enhanced reporting


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Hey @fern1 Advertising Analytics lets you see all your Google and Bing Paid Search data side by side, within Adobe Analytics. Previously, any Google AdWords/DFA or Microsoft Bing Ads data would have to be viewed in Adobe Advertising Cloud (AMO) or in Google/Bing. You can now get the following data within Adobe Analytics: Impressions, Clicks, Costs data directly from the search engines as well as a AMO ID Instances (Click Instances). 


Please check the below link for details :




Please note : Advertising Analytics will not stitch data with metrics that we have in Adobe Analytics; it will only show summary data. Hope this helps.



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Hi @fern1 


We launched a connector at Summit that can send Google Ads campaign data into Adobe Analytics. Here is a screenshot to see how easy it is to set this up in Datajoin for your reference:





We offer a free-tier that can handle unlimited campaigns for a single Google Ads account. Sign up here and test drive it today.


Reach out with any questions, we are here to help.