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Give minimum level of access to the user group in omniture


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Hey Guys,

I am trying to create groups and give access to the user to the specific functionality of the omniture tool and specific report suites. Here I have created 2 user groups one for specific access to the tool functionality and other is for report suite. And I have also created the dummy user group and tried giving access to these 2 group and when i login to this dummy user account to see if the user is having access to specific tool functionalities and report suite access but I don't see that this user have access to the reports what I chosen in the group.

And when I try creating the user group with tool functionalities and report suite together in one group I can see that user is having access specified functionalities and report suite what i have given in the group.

Is there a way for me to create 2 different user groups one for specific to the suite and other for tool functionality access and give access to these groups for the uses who needs it. Reason why I am trying to do this is I dont want to give access to all tool functionality and report suite access to every users in omniture.

can any one recommend  me some way to over come this.

Thank you




Its there a way for me to create 

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Since this is an older post, I'm assuming you've solved this issue. Incase others find this post, I'll post the link to the documentation below: