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Facing a challenge with multi-channel attribution and the integration of offline data.


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Hello Adobe Analytics Community,

I am facing a challenge with multi-channel attribution and the integration of offline data. Our company utilizes both online and offline marketing efforts, and we need to accurately assess the impact of each channel on our conversions. We have been successful in tracking online channels, but we are struggling to incorporate offline data, such as direct mail or in-store promotions, into our attribution model in Adobe Analytics.

The main issue we are facing is matching offline touchpoints to specific visitors in Adobe Analytics to create a holistic view of the customer journey. We have been considering using a unique identifier, such as a customer ID, to link offline interactions to online data.

Has anyone had experience with a similar situation, and if so, what methods or tools did you use to incorporate offline data into your attribution model in Adobe Analytics? Additionally, how did you handle data accuracy and privacy concerns when integrating offline and online data?

Any insights or best practices would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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there may be a problem with data import, data mapping, or system configuration. Here are some steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Check Data Import: Ensure that the data import process is working correctly. Review the Data Sources or Data Connectors setup, confirm that the data format is correct, and check if there are any errors or warnings reported during the import process.

  2. Verify Data Mapping: Review the data mapping between offline data and Adobe Analytics variables, such as props, eVars, or custom events. Make sure the mapping is consistent and accurate, and there are no conflicts or discrepancies in the data.

  3. Examine Processing Rules: If you are using processing rules to manipulate or transform the imported data, verify that the rules are set up correctly and functioning as intended. Any issues with processing rules can lead to inaccurate or incomplete data in your reports.

  4. Analyze Custom Marketing Channels: Double-check the setup of custom marketing channels representing offline touchpoints. Ensure that the channel definitions, rules, and attribution settings are accurate and consistent with your desired attribution model.

  5. Confirm System Configuration: Review your Adobe Analytics account settings and system configuration to ensure everything is set up correctly. This includes items such as classifications, marketing channel processing rules, and report suite settings.


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Thanks for Quick Response, Let me discuss it with my team. 


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Have you considered leveraging QR codes and campaign parameters to track Offline Campaigns?
Once you set that up with a tracking code parameter of OFL (for instance), you can using Last touch, Linear, Participation, or Same Touch Attribution to measure all channels that participated in a given journey(s).