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ETL capability to remove sensitive data


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Hi All,


Does Adobe Analytics provide ETL capability to remove sensitive data while exporting to another platform/external storage? - This question is related to production data.



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From what I have seen, Adobe really only provides straight exports.. the ETL is up to you when you process that data.


Personally I avoid collecting sensitive data... about the most I will collect about a person is a user GUID/UUID... this requires someone with high level access to multiple sources to stitch together data to see anything about the user... it also means that no one with just Analytics access can see anything sensitive when they are building out Workspace reports.


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Dear Hith,

The term ETL is quite exhaustive in the Digital Analytics space.

There are export control options in Adobe Analytics i.e. Data Governance. When you export sensitive data (Sensitive, but not PII because we don't save PII in Adobe Analytics), the Data Governance will be applied, and thus sharing the information to the destinations is governed properly.

However, the Data Governance (Label) is applied at the Dimension/Metric level that will enable marketers to send the non-sensitive data to the destinations using multiple options; Processed data (Data warehouse), Pre-processed Data (Data Feed), Reporting APIs, etc. So, you can select your dimensions and metrics before the export making sure that you don't send the sensitive ones across destinations. 

But, if you want to remove the data from Adobe Analytics, that's a different conversation altogether.

Thank You, Pratheep Arun Raj B (Arun) | NextRow DigitalTerryn Winter Analytics


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Short answer: no, AA does not provide any such capability. It is up to you to remove sensitive data prior to storing it in that other platform / external storage.


Adobe Analytics --> export data --> remove sensitive data --> store in other platform/external storage