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Error creating XDM Object Data Element using AEP Web SDK Extension


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I am currently trying to set-up some basic web tracking with the server-side forwarding and the AEP Web SDK. Following the documentation I managed to create a schema, a Datastream and a Dataset, however I am now faced with an issue where AEP Web SDK Extension in Data Collection doesn't let me create the XDM Object Data Element to map the variables to my schema. After selecting the XDM Object type in the Data Element interface I am presented with the following error:

An error occurred.

Failed to load schema metadata. An unexpected server response was received.



My Schema uses the default XDM ExperienceEvent class with the Adobe Analytics ExperienceEvent Template Field Group. When I download the schema metadata there seems to be nothing wrong, however the extension can't pull it through for some reason.

Has anyone run into similar problem?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Community Advisor

There are currently some maintenance and issues happening right now.. it's possible the error is related?


Keep checking https://status.adobe.com/ for the system to return to normal, then try again and hopefully it will work for you...


If it's still an issue, Client Care may be able to dig into back end errors, and hopefully figure out what is happening.


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Thanks for the info, unfortunately the problem still persists.


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@JanJav were u able to solve this issue ? i also have similar issue while creating xdm dataelement