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Email Open tracking through IMG tag - Google Proxy blocks to track the analytics tag


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We are tracking the email open on adobe analytics through image request. We noticed IMG tag inclusion on the email is getting conflict with google image proxy and tracking server is getting changed accordingly as “ci6.googleusercontent.com” instead of our original tracking server. Therefore, it is not tracking as expected on the email open over gmail services. When I manually removed those particular lines by keeping only adobe IMG tag, it is working fine as expected.

We understand this happens because of proxy google puts to protect the content and image from the image vulnerabilities. Also, we should Set up an image URL proxy whitelist to get it done to unblock our internal proxy.

Did anyone faced such scenario and how did you overcome from this issue apart from whitelist. Do we need to contact adobe analytic customer support team to whitelist. Please let us know if any.

The code get appended with our IMG tag -


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