Dynamic date range?

karah18933168 18-07-2019


I have a workspace dashboard that compares page visits for a set month with the month of the previous year. I would like to be able to change the month in the top right of the panel and have the month for the previous year automatically update. Is this possible or is there a better way to do this?




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on top right of the project, select "last month" as date range. this way, the project has always data from the last month when you open it.

next, select your desired metric and select the "compare to" and desired date range. even there is a date in the header, it will change dynamically when the whole project changes. it will look similar to your screenshot except with other date ranges

remark: you can create new dynamic date ranges by using the "rolling" options, see here: Calendar and date ranges overview

karah18933168 19-07-2019

I need to be able to change the date range in the top right, to a certain month or week of the current year, and for the date comparison to update to the corresponding time period of the previous year. Also when I tried your method, the comparison date range is still not updating as I change the project's date range.