Does anyone have experience integrating OneTrust Cookie Consent Management Tools with Adobe Launch?



We are using Launch to manage the codes that sets the cookies but not to ingest the One trust script as this is directly implemented on the site.

I have categorised both the AMCV, AMCVS cookies as strictly necessary in the Onetrust setup so these cookies gets dropped as soon as the cookie banner pops up but I noticed that additional cookies are getting dropped e.g. the demdex cookies from the ecid. question is do I need to categorise this as strictly necessary or is there a way to block this until consent is given? I am using the ecid extension in Launch.

I also have a few plugins that helps support the Adobe implementation and I also see these cookies e.g. s_visit, s_visitnum being dropped, question is how to I block these plugin cookies until consent is given?


I am using the Onetrust Launch extension as a blocking mechanism.


Thanks in advance to whomever can help.

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Dear thekemster,

'demdex' cookies are used for Cross-Domain Tracking because ACMV and ACMVs are First Party Cookies where cross-domain tracking cannot be done. If your company has only one domain and cross-domain tracking is not needed, you can ignore/block the cookies. 

But, can we block the cookie until consent is given using Onetrust Launch Extension? I installed and verified, but I don't see that function in the Launch Extension. I hope someone who is using Onetrust Launch Extension to an extent can help here!

Thank You, Arun.