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Distinct count calculated metric doesnt add up when broken down by device type segments?


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Distinct count calculated metric doesn't add up when broken down by device type segments. Total revenue adds up but not the distinct count



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Did you checked the Order IDs, is there any duplicates between the device type segments. I know it's a big process, but it will give you an idea of what segments are overlapping.


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How are those "Desktop Hits", "Mobile Web Hits" and "Mobile App Hits" created / defined?

It looks like you may have overlap between them... 


The other possibility is that "distinct count" is a calculated count.. it's not 100% going to return an exact value... 


I'm also wondering how you can have "0 Total Orders" in the first few rows, but have an approx distinct order id count... the row clearly shows an order id.... 


I can see you are using Demo data... have you tried this report with real data? Sometimes the demo data has some odd issues that you wouldn't get in a real scenario.... One of the Adobe Sandbox demo data suites I've used, I had to create a segment to exclude some problematic data when I was pulling up a sample for illustration purposes)