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Disable total dedupliation


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In CJA, I'm trying to replicate a report a client has in another Analytics tool.  I'd like to be able to turn off total deduplication for certain freeform tables.  I thought there was a setting to do that, but I can't seem to find it.  I know when you only display certain rows, remove a row, etc. deduplication is then disabled.  But I'd like to be able to set it so the client doesn't have to make any changes in the future.


Here's an example:

Left is deduplicated, right is not.  They want to see the value in the right - basically counting every site section as a separate visit.  (Metric is different, just using this as a hypothetical example)



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Hi @Josh__Stephens 

You can set deduplication while configuring metrics during data view, check this document for reference

also I believe this post by @Agastya_Reddy  will be helpful on metric deduplication in CJA.


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Thanks Ankit.

This particular use case was a bit different.  The client wanted to deduplicate metrics based on a couple of other dimensions (not at the person or session level). 

I ended up using a concatenation derived field that is set only on the desired event.  For example, when cart add happens, concatenate dimensionA&dimensionB.  Then I built an approximate count distinct metric for that derived field.  That's gotten them within 1-2% of the results they were getting in other analytics tools that allowed data to be aggregated at various levels of granularity.