Disable the out of box attributes from being captured in Analytics Report



Can anyone help us with, how to disable all the out of box attributes from being captured in Analytics Report and allow only the custom attributes to be captured.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




   Here is my perspective to your question:

Out of box attributes (like Browser info, Geographic info) are captured by Adobe Analytics file & you can turn off the Visibility for these (/ other) attributes reports (Admin -> Report Suites -> Edit Settings -> Customize Menus) & you can continue to capture custom attributes in props & eVars SiteCatalyst variables as appropriate. I don't think there is standard way to disable out of box attributes being captured in Analytics tracking request.

Let me know if this helps.

Saurabh Kumar.

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Answers (1)



As Saurabh says, you can't disable it but you can chose to hide them in your menu. However, that won't hide all of them in Workspace etc...

Most of those send on the image request, you could actually flush them in doPlugins just before the server call are generated. However, you can't flush all and I think it is a little shaky solution...

What are you trying to archive and why don't you want those out of the box variables set?

The best solution would properly be to engage with Engineering Services, who via a VISTA rule may be able to clear most/all of what you want. But again, why would you do so?