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Data Sources & merging data


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Hi, I have a question regarding Data Sources (and, I guess, classifications)


I have a load of call centre data I want to import into Analytics, including a number of columns such as customer ID, date, call type etc. 


What I'd really like to do is to import them using data sources (so we can associate the dates) but also linking the customer ID (which we also collect as a variable within Adobe). So, for example, I'd be able to create a segment of users who carry out a particular action on the website (from the Adobe data) and then call the call centre (from the call centre data). Is there any way of doing this?


As far as I can make out:


  • Data sources would allow me to create a link between dates but not customer IDs.
  • Classifications would allow me to create a link between customer IDs, but the dates would be imported as text strings and largely unusable. 

I can export both sets of data and do the work offline, but it would be nice to build into the Adobe Workspaces. 


Or am I missing something very obvious?

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@MattBlake You can do that, you can use a generic data source and enable Transaction ID  and upload all of your call center data as custom events into adobe analytics