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Data Source error refreshing Adobe Analytics Data in Power BI


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Recently, we transitioned our team's Power BI dashboards from SharePoint to Adobe Connector 2.0. This all worked fine, except when we uploaded the desktop Pbix files to the web service version of Power BI. After uploading when I refreshed the dataset, it took a ton of time 10+ hours but at the end, it kept throwing the following data source error:

Data source error: [ValidateMarkupTags][ccon]Expression.Error: The field '[ccon]rows[/ccon]' of the record wasn't found.. error_code = [ccon]429050[/ccon]. message = [ccon]Too many requests[/ccon]. [/ccon]. The exception was raised by the IDataReader interface. Please review the error message and provider documentation for further information and corrective action. Table: 2023 - Export 2 - BID specific Post-Click.
Cluster URI: WABI-US-NORTH-CENTRAL-E-PRIMARY-redirect.analysis.windows.net
Activity ID: 20486221-9bdd-4cee-b186-1d9fae60fca9
Request ID: a43dd13d-98c7-a3f5-ad59-9a7783960676
Time: 2023-10-13 11:29:36Z


Any ideas on how to fix this error? Also, is the Power BI Adobe Analytics connector worth investing our team's time and resources in? The fundamental reason we switched to Adobe Analytics Connector is to save time. But if it takes unreasonable hours just to refresh then we are kinda worried whether we made the right decision.   Any help is appreciated.


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Hello @patronsaint31 , 
I  think this is wrong community. You need to address this to Adobe Analytics community.

Marcel Szimonisz


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Apologies, thank you for pointing me to the correct community.