Data is missing in the report suite

Answers (4)

Answers (4)



If the status is 200 and still you do not see the data in reporting, please pull the data feed for that day and look for exclude_hit column. If you get anything but 0 in exclude_hit column against that hit means the hit is getting excluded. You can share the value you see in exclude_hit column and we can let you know the reason or you can open an incident with us by sending an email to as we might need to check the check the complete server call.




If you are using Launch or DTM, then you need to do the variable mapping. Are you using dataLayer approach or Javascript approach?

Do you see any unspecified keywords in the reports? 





Hi Dev, It seems like there are lot of query string parameters that are being passed in this server call, which data or data points which you are referring to are missing in reporting