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Cut off sections when exporting a project as a PDF


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Hi there,


I am interested in exporting a workspace project as a PDF Format in order for people of the organization who don't have an Adobe Analytics account to still be able to get access to a project. 


However, when downloading a project as a PDF format certain sections are cut off, such as long metric names or a full Fallout visualization.


Is anyone aware of how to export a project to a certain format, like a PDF, such that no information is cut off and all visualizations are visible?


Thanks and best regards!

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one thing to check is workspace projects may be very large so you may need to pick a different page size.


try tabloid A2, A1 if you have alot cutoff. Then the PDF should be complete. Also can try to set shrink to age size but if its US letter and is shrunk may be hard to read.(use larger pages as prev mentioned)




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Can you clarify what you mean by "cut off"?


I've never had visualizations cut off (unless I resized the visualization). As for metric names, these generally wrap for me... unless there is a word or two that is too long for the allotted column width.


The PDF itself will grow to accommodate the size of the report, there is no "page size option" that I have ever seen... if people are trying to print the PDF this can be a problem.. but for digital consumption this shouldn't matter.

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