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cross sub-domain behavior: PV/Visit, Bounce%


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Hi there,


I got a question about cross sub-domain visit, generally speak:

Will cross sub-domain visit being counted as "Bounce"?



There are 2 sub-domains:



both tracking under same report suite: domainglobal

Recently, it's interested to see the PV/Visit is getting lower on 1.domain.com, but Bounce% is also lower.



in 1.domain.com, there is a button, once user click, will be direct to 2.domain.com, and the tracking is "Click" on 1.domain.com, but not PV



So, the question comes:

as in the first screen shot, the PV/Visit and Bounce% are only counted for 1.domain.com, will this be the reason of both down going PV/Visit and Bounce%?



There is another additional question:

On the other hand, IF there is no tracking "Other Click" for the click in 1.domain.com, will it be a bounce? (since after clicking, the PV is under 2.domain.com but not 1.domain.com)

This question was asked here, but didn't understand...., coz it's said "Bounce Rate is Calculated", but then followed by "there were 2 pages under single domain"....If it's 2 pages under 1 domain, then the bounce rate is NOT calculated...is it?


Thanks in advance for your inputs.

Have a good day.



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your setup tracking into the same report suite should work.

Please check your internal URL filters that your maindomain.com is listed there.


Generally speaking, it is important to understand that Adobe calculates a Bounce only, if a single server call has been made.

So, if you have a page view on 1.domain.com and click on a banner that sends a second server call (does not even need to go to 2.domain.com), this is not considered a bounce anymore.


This behavior gets worse if you have additional requests firing on the page e.g. scroll depth or time on page.


However, Adobe Analytics has an additional metric called "Single Page Visits" which will look solely at page views i.e.,

you can have as many interactions tracked on the same page as long as you are not sending a second page view.


Hope that helps.