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Cross Device Analytics - Field based stitching evar report


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As part of Cross Device Analytics - If I am looking at Field based stitching evar report, which contains an ID for a user, Is it possible to see People as 3 in the evar report. For example I have one app and one web as platform and the user authenticated on both via different devices. Replay of 7 days exists. 


ID                            People

ABCD123                    3


Shouldn't it be 1 people against the stitching field?Am I missing something here?

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Okay, for that "People" metric, which I'm assuming is "Unique Visitors," think of it as devices. Yes, it's the same individual who has logged in across three different devices, but that's the point of having a field that has a unique identifier across devices.


Go into Calculated Metrics and use Distinct Count for ID. Use that metric, and you'll get the numbers deduplicated across devices.