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Created a segment excluding a page, still getting that page


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Hi All,

I have created a segment with the following condition at the visit container level

Page doesn't equals Step1


Page equals Step5.

Based on the above segment, the outcome which I expected is there should be no visits to either of the pages. Because there is no way to reach Step5 without visiting Step1 page.

But still I am getting visits to Step5 page.

Can someone explain the possible reason for this?

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The segment you've created is at a visit level, looking for two particular criteria - a hit not equaling step 1, and a hit equaling step 5. The reason this isn't working is because you're looking for at least one hit that doesn't equal step 1, which most visits would probably have.

What you want to do instead is to use an exclude. 

Put step one in a separate visit container inside the visit segment, and make the hit container an "excludes" container. You want to exclude step 1 existing.

This way, whenever a customer hits step 1, it will exclude that entire visit.


When making a visit level segment you have to consider the fact that it looks at every hit in that visit, and there are often multiple ways for the criteria to be met, especially when you're using a "does not equal". Often that doesn't work out the way you want it to in visit/visitor segments. So instead using an 'exclude' container will work better.


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I second what @Mandy_George314 said...

Does not equal and exclude work very differently when looking at items at the Visit or Visitor level (or when dealing with dimensions that have anything longer than a hit attribution).


Think of it this way...


Within a visit, I may hit 3 pages:

  • Page 1
  • Page 2
  • Page 3


By creating a segment that looks at "Visit: does not equal Page 1" (both the Page 2 and Page 3 hits meet that criteria, and therefore the segment will include the visit... however, if I say "Visit: Exclude Page 1" (then any visit that has any hit with Page 1 will be excluded from the segment)


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Thanks for the suggestion @Mandy_George314 

I created the segment the same way you mentioned. Please find the attached screenshot for the same. For security purpose, I have hidden the pages. But still I am getting the step5 page when I breakdown the segment with the page dimension.

There is no way for the user to reach step5 page without going through step1 page. So if we are excluding the visit which has step1 page, then it shouldn't report step5 page as well right.