Classification Importer - uploaded wrong suite's data

richardh9684835 23-11-2017

I wanted to know if it was possible to remove data that has been accidentally uploaded to the wrong suite. As the Classification Importer automatically reverts to one particular suite, this was accidentally uploaded wrong. I've tried to import the correct suite's data once again in order to overwrite but the wrong suite's data is still there along with the correct data.

I followed the advice in this link: Delete classification data

I put the ~deletekey~ instruction into each row that needs removing but this didn't make a difference.

Has anyone got any suggestions for me to remove the unrelated data? I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


I would recommend going with ~deletekey~.

Keep only the 1st (key) and 2nd (any classification) column in the file. In the first column keep the values you want to have removed. In the second column replace the values with ~deletekey~ and try uploading the file.

And as Arun points out, you need to keep "Overwrite data on conflicts".

From what you have described, I believe you already tried these steps.

Answers (6)

Answers (6)


You can have a Customer support delegate contact customer care by going to Help > Customer Care within Adobe Analytics. They will be able to take a look at the specific report you're having issues with, and check to make sure the files uploaded are working correctly.

richardh9684835 30-11-2017

Thanks for the suggestion, i have tried this also and it doesn't seem to have any impact on the data. We could do with some additional support. Is there a contact number of someone who works for Adobe Analytics so we can work through this issue if possible?

pabloc82923542 27-11-2017

I would recommend you download a new template. Re try the ~deletekey~ key as well as mark overwrite on import.

Sometimes when saving and re-saving the template file from previous versions encoding becomes an issue. Try and use a text editor that maintains the templates encoding.

good luck

richardh9684835 27-11-2017

I've tried this and not managed to remove any of the lines of data that I want to remove. I realise the keys will not be able to be removed but all the data still remains.

When you say 'Other than key, make everything empty to rewrite the classification using the above method' I presume you mean by inputting ~empty~ this didn't work when i attempted this.

Have you any other suggestions?


Hello Richard,

Classification should not be a problem if you have uploaded a wrongly. Thanks Adobe on this!

1. If you have correct data mapping to the wrongly pointed report suite, please upload the same. Don't forget to check the below box while uploading. It will overwrite the earlier wrongly uploaded data with the current one.


2. If you don't have any file to rewrite the classification, you can use the method you have shared above. Other than key, make everything empty to rewrite the classification using the above method(Don't forget to check the 'Overwrite data on conflicts'). It will take a day, so wait for it.

But you cannot delete values within the key column.

Thank You!


pabloc82923542 23-11-2017

One thing... is data you are removing the "KEY" variable? If so you are unable to delete it. (any sub classifiactions can be deleted)

from the URL you noted:

"You cannot delete values within the key column. This is data passed directly into reporting and is permanent."

Double check the file format doesn't have any encoding issues. What app did you use to create your text file to delete with?

How much time did you allow for the deletion to be viewed? SAINT uploads can take several hours to populate.