Classification Importer Resulting in Incorrect Classification



I'm importing for two classification variables - one is a subset of the other (Marketing Group, Marketing Channel; channel rolls up into group in theory). When I load the file, it looks fine. When it processes, all the data I've entered seems to be overwritten by one of the values. The primary group looks fine, but the secondary group is always one of the options I loaded and the rest seem to vanish.

For example, I'll load:

SEM     Google

SEM     Bing

SEM     Yahoo

SEM      Baidu

But when I pull the file down the next day, those same four will read:

SEM     Google

SEM     Google

SEM     Google

SEM     Google

I've done this with multiple file formats and it's happened every time. I've used this tool several times and never seen this issue before now.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



There are 2 things that could be at issue here:

1 The text editor you are using is making the update not apply due to file encoding. (Sometimes Excel is at fault for example)

I like to use simple text editors like textwrangler, bbedit, even notepad. They maintain text encoding well. Check the tool isnt re encoding when you add items to SAINT files.(download template and compare.

2 If you are trying to add a sub category in this case that has a pre built classification hierarchy. SAINT uploads will take the last line item and apply it to all other rows added previous. Check in your report suite setting is there an actual hierarchy set on this key variable and if so then you will need to delete it. A SAINT upload can correlate sub cats with a hierarchy and once you remove this you just re upload and the sub categories will work fine.

good luck