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Classification Exporter with Python and Adobe API


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Does anyone know of a way to do these types of classification exports with Python and the Adobe API?




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You can use the CreateExport functions of the 1.4 Classifications API (https://developer.adobe.com/analytics-apis/docs/1.4/guides/classifications/#createexport), then use GetStatus to see if the export is ready (https://developer.adobe.com/analytics-apis/docs/1.4/guides/classifications/#getstatus) and finally GetExport to retrieve the data (https://developer.adobe.com/analytics-apis/docs/1.4/guides/classifications/#getexport). I don't have a particular example on how to do this exact maneuver in Python, but the Classification import through the API works in a very similar way and has been described on some of my posts, like https://www.fullstackanalyst.io/blog/adobe-analytics/supercharge-your-adobe-analytics-classification.... Good luck!