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Career Switch from SEO to Data Analyst


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Im starting out as a data analyst, switching from SEO to analyst i have a grip in analytics, websites, python and understanding of how data works but hasnt practiced anything, Any advice for me how i can start, resources, steps, or help how can i start and excel? Looking forward to experienced data analysts advice... Much appriciated community!


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Hi @Rabeekh!

Are you looking to learn about Adobe Analytics specifically? If so, there are a lot of resources under the Learn tab of Experience League. I am a documentation type of learner, but there are other great ways for you to learn, such as tutorials, live events, and a structured course set based on your experience.

You can also get certified if you want to invest the time to learn and get credit for it. There are different types of certifications based on what roles you want to pursue as an analyst.

Hope this helps!


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Welcome to the World of Analytics!


You'll find there's a lot of cross logic similarities between SEO and Analytics (I often have to put on my SEO hat quite frequently in my org). It also sounds like you have a good technical knowledge base, so ramping up in Analytics should be easy.


First and foremost, coming here is a great first step. If you have questions or just need some direction there are a lot of people here who can help, and also provide different options for you to consider (like SEO, there isn't always "one way to do things")


I also have found over the years that there are some great blogs out there, https://www.fullstackanalyst.io/ and https://analyticsdemystified.com/blog/ tend to be good, there are many other out there (note to self... need to get my own blog started )


On top of the links that @kayawalton posted, you should consider joining one or more Adobe Analytics User Groups (even if something is out of your timezone, you will get notifications of upcoming events, and the sessions are recorded and posted to YouTube. https://analytics-augs.adobe.com/chapters/ 


You should also check out some of the Skill Exchange Recordings: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/events/the-skill-exchange-recordings/overview.html?lang=en 


And most of all, make sure you have a Dev or QA sandbox suite and play! I find the best way to sometimes learn or understand what is happening is just to get into the system and try things... if I do this, X happens... what if I do that... set up comparable items with different configurations, see how the data varies based on those differences.


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I have enjoyed "Web Analytics Kick Start Guide" by Brent Dykes

"Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug.

"Information Architecture" by Louis Rosenfeld.