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Can I create segment to counts the visit with "evar changed" during same visit


Level 8
Level 8

Hello everyone,

May I have your help to know: can I create segment to get the visits of a "evar" changed during same visit?

E.g., set: Product Model as evar1, it is fired once "product model" appears:

Visit A: Page A > Product Detail Page A (model camera1) > Contact > Exit

Visit B: Page A > Product Detail Page A (model: camera1) > Product Detail Page B (model: camera2) > Exit

Visit C: Product Detail Page A (model: camera1) > Product Compare Page (model: camera1; camera2) > Exit

I would like to know: in How many visits, the evar1 value is changed during 1 same visit.

then, the expected result is: Visit: 2

If breakdown by "model", it lists:

camera1: 2 (1 in visit B, 1 in visit C)

camera2:  1

camera1; camera2: 1

Can I make it by creating segment but not asking SiteCatalyst IT?

Please help to guide.

Thank you for the inputs in advance.


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