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Campaign Codes stopped populating in eVar


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Hey there, 

If anyone has faced the same issue and can help, it will be highly appreciated!!!! 



The data in the Page URL QSP for campaign code is captured in an eVar

There are more public sites and Single Page Applications (authenticated) that utilizes the variable to collect data for the Campaign names and pulls it into Adobe Analytics. 

The last time I ran a test campaign on a SPA (September 5), all the data was populating including my user journeys and clicks on the pages ( when I came in through the campaign code say "xyz". )


Today, when I try to login again through the Query String Parameter that captures the campaign code, it is not populating anything, it shows % "eVar name" %. Based on my knowledge, no changes were made on Adobe. All the other unauthenticated sites are still pulling in the parameters passed through the campaign string.. 


If there is a workaround to capture the missing campaign id string, please help!!




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Usually when I have seen %eVar name% show up as a literal value in the tracking, it's generally because the name of the Data Element has been changed in Launch, or for some reason the Data Element was disabled/removed from the build (i.e. the reference to the Data Element cannot be found, therefore the literal string is used in its place).


While I know you are pretty sure no changes were made, I would double check that to be safe....


You can also try testing the value of the Data Element... when on the page where it should be populating, open your browser's console and run this:


Replace XXX with the name of the Data Element, make sure you leave the quotes. 


Example, if the Data Element was called CampaignName; then run:


If the Data Element exists, it should either return the value you expect or ''
If the Data Element cannot be found, it will return undefined