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I am hoping someone can guide me in the correct direction. I just started working with Adobe Analytics and I have a project to calculate what % of people, when they get to the checkout page and have all their products in the cart, how many actual confirm and go through with the order. Essentially, I'm trying to get an idea of what the percentage of consumers are purchasing once the shopping cart is ready)

I know this may probably be a fairly basic question but I am just getting started and have not received a lot of training yet in how to use Adobe analytics.

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Dear Red,

You are referring to Funnel Report. But to see the numbers based on your requirement, we need to have proper tagging at place.

Not sure whether we can guide you without understand the current tagging, but check out the below videos & links:

Fallout Visualization in Analysis Workspace - YouTube

Conversion Funnel

Inbox me if you want to connect with me online. Glad to help!

Thank You!




Hi there,

This is the sub forum for the Business Catalyst product (CMS) which has analytics. i will try move you to the correct forums so someone can help you out.