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I'm building a report where I want to see how many Page Views per Visit happened among people who viewed a particular page.


I have a Calculated Metric for Pages per Visit, which is Page Views / Visits. When I apply this metric to a page, it calculates based on how many page views that particular page got. I want to see how many Page Views happened across the entire Visit where a particular page was viewed. This can be done using a segment, but I can't reasonably create a segment for each of the pages I want to measure this for.


You can see the difference in this screenshot:


The top table shows measurement by page. The bottom table shows the measurement by segment. I want to get the bottom number, but without building a segment for every single page I want to measure.


Is this possible?


For reference, here's the segment I built for this example:

Annotation 2020-03-27 093904.png

calculated metrics Segments Workspace

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