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Hi everyone,

we are currently trying to create Datawarehouse request via API. We are in need of the metric "bounces", so I added in the API request :
{"id": "bounces"}

But we get an error - invalid metric in metric-list.

Our request looks like this:










        "id": "bounces"


    ], "Report_Description":"test",







When I use the Report Builder to get the data everything works fine. So I assume I am doing wrong, but I cannot figure out what.

How do I get the bounces via API-DWH-Request?

Thanks and BR,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Jonas,

Bounces is currently not an available metric in Data Warehouse. The processing architecture for the tool currently does not support it. I would recommend upvoting this idea thread to support its inclusion: Add bounces and entries to data warehouse

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