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Backfill Evar (fill in for prior instances)


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An evar persists throughout the session once it's triggered. However, is it possible to go in the opposite direction and populate this for all prior hits once that evar is triggered?

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No, not that I've ever seen or read about... 


Now, there's a semi fake way to do this with Segments... 


Let's say you have a user that does this behaviour:

  • Page 1
  • Page 2
  • Click Action A
  • Page 3
  • EventX triggered (either on a Page X or Action X)
  • Page 4
  • Action B
  • etc

If you look for EventX, you will get the Page or Action X, Page 4 and Action B


But, if you create a Visit Level Segment where EventX exists, your Workspace will also include Page 1, Page 2, Action A, Page 3 along with Page or Action X, Page 4 and Action B (since ALL of these were part of the Visit).


You can also do the same with a Visitor Segment, where traffic from previous visits for that user will be returned - assuming you want to see data from earlier and later visits... but if your eVar is set to Visit level expiry, you likely just want to stick with a Visit segment.