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I am trying to pull a report from Adobe Data Warehouse to get daily stats for average time spent on my site. I can do it easily in Site Catalyst but the requirement is that I need to pull it from DW. Time spent per visit/page is available as a dimension(Breakdown) in DW(that too in a range format) but not as a metric. The only related metric available is Total Seconds Spent. If I want to get average time spent per visit in minutes through DW, is there an alternative to it? Please help.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



You can try Report Builder tool for this kind of reports. It is very easy to generate these reports in excel itself with Report Builder. and there is no limit of rows there as well.

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ashborges​ Can you suggest how can we get the average time spent for all pages in the one go. As we could not find this feature in the Data Warehouse and we need to get the time spent for all the pages. If we go via workspace then we can only export 200 rows at once.