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Average time on site question


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As I understood the average time on site metric depends on the context of the usage:


When we are looking at a monthly or daily breakdown, the time spent is showing the average time spend across the entire site per visitor. When we breakdown by page or page URL, it shows the average time on each page. 


However, I created 2 panels: 


- the first one has a freeform table where we use the average time on site and the page name (=average time for each pages). 


- the second panel has also a freeform table: however, 2 segments are applied at the top: one segment is to filter only the pages that have a specific words within the URL, and the second segment is to filter pages that have a specific tag. Within the free form table, I use some sub segment to breakdown the segment (at the top) that filter the pages with a specific tag: 



However, in this free form table, we can find some similar pages as in the first free form table but with a lower Average time on site (50% less). I'm not sure why? 


It looks like when I apply the segment that filter pages that have a specific tag, the average time spent on page is getting lower.


Thanks in advance! 

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I see your Page Name dimension is an eVar... if your eVar is set to the default Visit level attribution, and depending on how your segment were built, you could have a lot of unintended results being returned.. that can result in strange "time spent" values, since time spend is all calculated.