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Rolling Date Range but Increasing the amount of days Captured?


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I am looking to set a rolling date range on my dashboard, but with each passing day, I'd like the rolling date range to capture one additional day prior. For example, if 20 days have past and the rolling time frame matches, when we get to the 21st day, I'd like the rolling filter to grab an additional historical day to match the now 21-day time frame. Is this possible?

Thank you!

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Right now this isn't possible. Creating rolling date ranges with increasing days is only possible going forward. Going backwards is only possible for fixed days. There have been a number of ideas posted in the ideas section to make this a feature. I posted it too a few weeks back. 


Posting this in the ideas section, or liking/commenting on other posts with the same idea is a good way to let Adobe know that this is something we want to see.


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I was gong to say @MandyGeorge posted this idea just a few weeks ago.. I would give that an upvote (like) if I were you (also Mandy, I'm surprised you didn't link to your idea, but I will do it for you)