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App Metrics


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I am trying to capture some Mobile App data for the telecom I work for. 


In order to track the number of Unique Visitors (UV's)on a particular section, I am trying to use the metric App Event Data, I am a bit confused around Screen Name and Click title metrics as well and trying to figure out which metric would describe the flow better.

I want to see the UV's clicking on a native CTA and then either completing the transaction or exiting. Any help would be appreciated.


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Think of your mobile app tracking as similar to your web tracking...


Mobile App trackState is the equivalent of the Web s.t()

Mobile App trackAction is the equivalent of the Web s.tl()


The biggest difference is that for the most part, you don't set you props, evars, etc directly with the app... but rather through context variables that are attached to the trackState/trackAction calls... you then use processing rules to map those to the correct dimensions.


In your trackState calls, you set the "PageName" value in the call, then attach additional context variables


Depending on the code base this will vary:

ACPCore.trackState("pageName Value", {"contextVar1": "value", "contextVar2": "another value"});


On your trackActions, the value you pass is the equivalent of linkName (custom Link):

ACPCore.trackAction("action name", {"ContextVar1": "value"});



So how are you determining sections on your website? Channel/Site Section? A custom eVar?


Create a context variable that you send on your trackStates (and maybe on your trackActions if that is how you want to track)... then you can map that value to your dimension using Processing Rules.


I believe you can send the channel/site section value directly without mapping by using:

ACPCore.trackState("pageName Value", {"&&channel": "channel value"});

but I haven't seen this documented... I just map ours with processing rules



If you are using a Global Suite that is collecting both App and Web data, I like to make sure all my App Processing Rules have the condition (along with any specific conditions for the rule)



This just ensures that the rule won't affect my web traffic



You can still use the UV metric with your mobile app traffic, and if you set up all your props/eVars/events etc the same as web, most of the data will roll up together making it easier to see overall stats... but that said, I have a specific prop/eVar to track if the call is from my website or from my app (so that I can segment the data easily and create virtual report suites from it)


One thing to note.. on your trackActions, if you make your link name "some action", there is this annoying legacy thing that Adobe will change the name to "AMACTION: some action", making all your custom links not rollup the value with your website... many of us have asked for a way to turn that off, but still no solution yet.



If you want to track CTAs, Transactions, etc you will need to get your developers to fire the appropriate calls, with identifiable names and pass the appropriate context variables for you to map....


I should also note, that s.products cannot be mapped using processing rules... this will need to be passed directly in your tracking call as &&products=[products syntax]


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Adding on to @Jennifer_Dungan's reply (which hits all of the important points), it could be that you're also unsure of how the data that you're seeing in AA is being tracked from your app. If so, then you should speak with the person(s) in charge of the AA implementation in your app to find this out, so that you know how to correctly interpret the data that you're seeing in your reports.