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App Context data + Processing Rules and eVars


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I have a question about capturing context data via processing rules. Currently, we capture all track actions from our mobile app into one specific eVar. We have recently started to send some context data along with these actions. I see with this method that it looks like we need to allocate an eVar for every context data type that get captured through processing rules. This setup is not a very scalable solution with a limit of 250 eVars (for the current SKU my company has).

Is there a better way to capture context data values without using a brand new eVar each time? Any insight into this would be beneficial.

I appreciate any help you can provide.


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If you "captured all track actions from mobile app into one specific eVar", you can do the same with Processing Rules by setting a single eVar too. A track action call may set a context variable with the values you previously set in the eVar, then in the processing rules you can map that context variable to that eVar.

Could you clarify what the challenge is?

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250 evars is still a large number, and I haven't companies run out of evars. Perhaps, you would need to review how you are allocating your evars.

If you can share an example of what data you are passing in the context data variable and how you are using the values to set up the evars, it may give us some idea how they can be optimized.