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API V2.0 Reporting understanding report metrics


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Hi guys,

Each report suit can have separate metrics available and I'm aware that I can pull a list of metrics from Metrics endpoint. (https://adobedocs.github.io/analytics-2.0-apis/#/metrics/getMetrics)

My goal is to pull reports having the same metrics set for different report suits.

Do I understand correct that the name of metrics below will be the same for all report suits?


Meaning the metric could be available or not for report suit, but the metric name is unified, like page views are are always correspondent to "metrics/pageviews", not "metrics/page_views" or "metrics/PageViews" - is this correct? 


Another question, do I understand that metrics like "id": "variables/evar33" could content different info for different report suits?


Also, if I'm looking for 'Video Played' metric data, is there a way to pull the correspondent metric name for report suit from API? 


Thanks in advance, looking forward to get any info on my 3 questions!

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