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Analytics API 2.0: errorCode "invalid_token"


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Hi there,

I've used JWT Authentication to generate access_token via POST https://ims-na1.adobelogin.com/ims/exchange/jwt/

Next, I got globalCompanyId value from /discovery/me (attached "discovery_me.png") and saved it in env.variable company_id for the request to /users/me (parameter "x-proxy-global-company-id").

However, I got error 401 "Unauthorized" (attached "users_me.png"):

"errorCode": "invalid_token",
"errorDescription": "User associated with ims token could not be found or company not found.",
"errorId": "auth-0de09603-7da5-4d10-abff-c12ed0f733a1"

What's the reason for this error and how to fix it?




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This could be due to the following reasons -


1) The user might not have been linked to an Analytics product profile.
2) If you're an old user, someone might have revoked your access in the Admin Console.
3) If you're a new user then back to #1, maybe it hasn't been linked yet to the Analytics product profile.