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Wishlist Dimensions: Average Month and Average Workweek Month


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I was contemplating on the natural variance in values that occur in day and month breakdown of metrics. I was thinking about how filtering for work week can make daily variances easier to look at and then extended the idea to how the same could be done for monthly breakdowns. The average month is 30.42 days long with about 8.5 weekend days, which gives an average workday month of 22 days. These wish list dimensions would, for Average Month, bucket data in 30.42 day chunks, and for Average Workweek Month, filter out the weekends and divide the remaining data into 22 day chunks, each flattening out month-on-month variation.

Is there a practical way to do this now with the tools available in the Analytics Workspace?

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There's probably a convoluted way of doing it


It may not match up exactly, but you could create a "Work Days within Last 30 Full Days" segment by doing something like:





With some custom Date Ranges, you could do a series of these for "Last 30 Days", "Last 60-31 Days", "Last 90-61 Days", etc (maybe with a better naming convention)


If you mean the results of these segments, it should get you close to your Average Workweek Month?



If you don't want these to be rolling based on "Today"... you could use set Date Ranges, breaking the year into a series of 30ish days, excluding the Weekends.