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Alert Builder Scenario


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Objective: I'd like to create a daily alert showcasing data from the previous day. the trigger being more specifically, if the clicks metric is 0 i want the alert to include the campaign name of said negative metric. 


Problem: Can't seem to manually send a test alert, so i'm struggling to understand how i can correctly implement the time and campaign aspects. 

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Level 6

You could either try to set up this alert in a dev environment where you can control the conditions and force the trigger, or set up an easier trigger that you know will be used (like a page view happened) just to test the send, then edit it back to what you actually need it to be.


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Alerts aren't terribly "smart"...


The time dimension is really only available based on the Time Granularity:



So if you are looking at Previous Day, you would use Daily... I believe the alerts will fire a little bit after Midnight when the days data has finished processing.


As for a "per Campaign" type alert, sadly, I think this would require creating an alert for each campaign. Use a segment to pull out data for "campaign x" and "campaign y", etc, then you would just put the campaign name in the Title to identify it....


There is really no way to have a single alert drive an email for each campaign by name.... 




As opposed to an alert, if you want some sort of all in one campaign report, you might consider making a Daily emailed report that shows you your campaigns, and you could use some segments and logic to identify campaigns that dropped to 0 and highlight them in an area of the report?